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Plt Off DEF 'Red' Matthews

I was transferred from 56Sqdn(Typhoons then Tempests) to 197 in Sept 1944 when they were at B3 and I was half way through my tour. I flew in a New a/c from Thruxton and after landing noticed a 3 ton truck coming through the dust dragging a 500lb bomb along the ground attached by a length of rope !!! Enough to scare the hell out of anybody. What a welcome!!
On the photo on the home page of B flight sitting on OZ G I am second from the left. I completed my tour on 8.4.45 having flown 195 hours and doing 186 ops. I guess I was very lucky as I did not lose any skin or get one hole in my a/c throughout the tour. I was awarded the DFC on return to England.
Dennis Matthews now lives in Australia.