These pages are dedicated to the individual squadron members.
You will find entries for and by them under the following highlighted headings:

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Commanding Officers
Support Personnel


nb: A full list is currently being compiled along with further written and visual contributions. See contact for further details.

Commanding Officers:

Sqdn Ldr. PO Prevot, DFC, 11/42 to 6/43
Sqdn Ldr AH Corkett, 6/43 to 7/43
Sqdn Ldr MPC Holmes, DFC 7/43 to 1/44
Sqdn Ldr DM Taylor, DFC 1/44 to 7/44
Sqdn Ldr AH Smith DFC & Bar, 7/44 to 1/45
Sqdn Ldr RC Curwen DFC, 1/45 to 2/45
Sqdn Ldr KJ Harding DFC, 2/45 to 8/45
Sqdn Ldr R Sherward DFC, 8/45


Fl Sgt JC Adey, killed 22/10/43
Flt Lt WC 'Wally' Ahrens
Fl Sgt RM Allan
Sgt Avery
Fl Lt DA Backhause, taken POW 12/8/44
Plt Off Barnard
Sgt CF Beechey, killed 28/1/43
Fl Sgt LS Bell, killed 18/8/44
WO JG Bellamy, ?3/45 to ?7/45
Sgt R Bokobza, 11/42 killed 14/2/43
Sgt J Bowler, killed 14/2/43
Fl Lt KFC Bowman
Sgt Brooks
Plt Off LS Brookes, ?12/44 to ?5/45
Sgt Butcher
Fl Lt JC Button
Fl Of JK 'Paddy' Byrne, ?5/44 to ?5/45
Plt Off LS Clark, ?7/43 killed 5/7/44
Fl Sgt RS Clark
Sgt DH Clennel, killed 10/4/43
Fl Lt TE Clift, taken POW 12/4/45
Flg Off HW Coles, killed 24/5/44
Plt Off AR De Bie
Plt Off WD 'Jock' Ellis, ?5/44 to 4/45
Fl Lt Elkington, ?12/42 to ?
Fl Sgt RB 'Bobby' Farmiloe, ?8/44 to ?5/45
Sgt Figgis
Sgt EH Fletcher, killed 22/4/43
Fl Lt GR Gibbings, taken POW 12/4/45
Plt Off B Gilbert
Plt Off ASN Gould, killed 24/1/43
Flg Off CB Hall, killed 21/11/44
Fl Lt GJB Hartley
Plt Off G Hignell, killed 23/7/43
Sgt JR Hill, killed 7/5/43
Fl Lt RA Hough
Plt Off JW Howell
Fl Lt RJ Hyde
Sgt GH Hydman
Plt Off JM James
Plt Off AE James
Fl Lt Johnson
Fl Lt E 'Ted' Jolleys
FO RH 'Bob' Jones, ?6/44 killed 31/12/44
Fl Lt SJ Khin
WO J 'Jimmie' Kyle, 12/42 to 8/44
Fl Sgt WC Laing
Sgt E Lavery
Plt Off DG Lovell, 6/44 to 8/45
Flg Off GG Mahaffy, ?6/44 to ?
Plt Off PC Mason
Plt Off DEF 'Red' Matthews, 9/44 to 4/45
Plt Off DI McFee, taken POW 24/12/44
Fl Sgt NF Miles, killed 3/1/44
Fl Sgt LC Morris, killed 16/10/43
Fl Lt R Mulliner, ? to ?12/42
Fl Lt EK Necklen, killed 21/11/44
Flg Off FW O'Brian, ?10/44 to ?
Plt Off E O'Callaghan, killed 18/12/43
Plt Off J Parisse
WO TE Parkinson
Plt Off H Patullo
Plt Off GSM Pearson, ?5/43 killed 11/8/43
Fl Lt JMG 'Plum' Plamondon, ? to 8/44
Flg Off DEF Potter, ?3/44 killed 7/6/44
Fl Sgt DJAW Price, killed 17/8/44
WO HW Read, killed 24/12/44
Flg Off MD Reid, killed 13/9/44
Sgt Richard
Fl Sgt JL Richards, killed 1/11/43
Fl Sgt FS Richards, killed 13/6/44
Flg Off JC 'Johnny' Rook, ?12/43 to ?5/45
Plt Off A Shannon, 3/45 to ?
Fl Sgt R Shelton
Flg Off WBT Smiley, taken POW 13/10/44
Plt Off DM Smith
Flg Off WM Snetterfield
Flg Off ML Soors, killed 10/11/43
Plt Off O DEF Tapson, taken POW 10/2/45
Plt Off PA 'Dumbo' Taylor, killed 27/6/43
Flg Off KAJ Trott, 2/44 taken POW 13/7/44
Flg Off J Turton
Plt Off FJ Vance, killed 18/10/44
Sgt Vane
Flg Off HF Wakeman, killed 5/10/44
Plt Off J Watson, killed 17/6/44
Fl Sgt WA Webster
Flg Off KK Welsh
Plt Off 'Vic' Whitear Squadron Adjutant

Support Personnel:

Flt Sgt Jack 'Chiefy' Adcock
Fl Lt 'Ken' Horn, Sqdn doctor